Series—Best Businesses to Start In Africa

Best Businesses to Start In Africa

When talking of developing places in the world, Africa always comes up in the first two positions, not minding the fact that countries like Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt are the pinnacle of development, and lest I forget, Ghana shouldn’t be left out. But I wouldn’t really blame a person who reaches that conclusion, though, as Africa has the highest number of poverty stricken people, and the government cares less about the plight of the people.

Well, can any business be able to survive in the crazy African terrain where the government has no interest in what the people pass through or how they manage to survive? Well, yes, but it is going to be really challenging. You may have thought about starting a business, about being your own boss, about being able to make decisions. Well, you can, and now is the best time to do that, as unemployment and poverty here in Africa are the worst in the history of the world.

There are many businesses you can start here in Africa, and that has motivated me to include these businesses on my blog. I have read about many, and I am doing many others. But since it’s a series, I will be sharing each with you as time goes by, and I will keep the list close to my chest as I release one after the other.

The First Business Will Be Farming

Well, whether you like it or not, Lagos is the most populated city in Africa. And whether you like it or not, Lagos is more populated that many African countries, still, whether you like it or not, there is no country on earth that doesn’t have its nationals in Lagos. What’s the point? Lagos is a market that anyone can invest in and sell. Many people in villages want to go to Lagos to hustle, with the belief that Lagos is like America where you get to and make it big in no time, only to get here and find out that life is tougher here than anywhere you can think of.

Best Businesses to Start In Africa

I have this friend who said how he regretted going to Lagos, how his mates in the village enjoy life, how they have houses and how they live quiet lives. Well, for the average Lagosian, all that is a story, or should we call it—a dream? Yes, it’s actually a dream, because Lagos never sleeps, and if you want to get to work early, you must learn to wake up by 3am or 4am.

So let’s get the point. Many of us are in Lagos, leaving the older ones in the villages to do what?? Farm. Many of the young ones in the villages are busy looking for the next available opportunity to run to Lagos, to get their own share of the goodies that Lagos has to offer, not until they get here do they realize that they missed the main point.

The Lagos population needs food, and surely, they need it fast. They need lots of food, and they just can’t think of the best way to get enough of food. Things like garri, yam, beans, plantain, cassava, banana, pepper, tomatoes are moved into Lagos on a daily basis. Many are even saying food is being imported into Lagos regularly. Have you noticed a gap that is created by this need?

Food is needed, our aged parents can’t produce enough food, and our young ones are in Lagos looking for food. If you go get a farm with your knowledge and the technology at your disposal, you could be supplying Lagos in few months. Have you ever imagined how many bags of maize some people buy daily, how many people process maize into many other foods? Well, maize is just one. As we continue in future posts, you would be seeing the market that plants like maize, plantain, cassava and many other farm products have.

So you can simply start thinking about this first business idea. I will say you pray about it. When next we come around, we will share tips on making the best of farming, how to get farmlands, how to get started, what to plant, how long it takes to mature and how to transport them to Lagos. You can make use of the comments area to share your ideas, and we could be sharing these ideas with friends here.

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