Reasons You Have Puffy Eyes— and How to Fix Them

Puffy eyes (swollen eyes) are an excessive accumulation of fluids on the eyelids.

Reasons Why You Have Puffy Eyes

There are so many reasons why you developed those puffy swollen eyes. These reasons spring from genetic to physical. In this article, I’ll explain in details the culprit behind your puffy eye.

  1. You are suffering from Edema
    One reason why your eye looks puffy is the fact that you’re suffering from edema. Edema is a condition in which the tissue spaces in the eyes are excessively accumulated with serums or fluids. You feel this when you wake up in the morning. You notice that your eyes look puffier, but the moment you begin blinking them, they become less puffy.


  1. You had a Poor Night Sleep
    You probably have issues with your eyelids because of the bad night rest you had. This is especially true when you are stressed out after the day’s activity. How is this related to one having a puffy eye? Whenever you are stressed, the body releases the stress hormone, cortisol, which changes the body’s osmoregulation. Instead of maintaining a balance between water and salt levels, the salt balance becomes out of order. When this happens, there is a tendency for the tissue to swell.


  1. You Have Got Allergies
    Most times the eyes react with airborne allergies. When they get to the tear gland, they dissolve in the tears and contact the lining of the eye. As the immune system overreacts, the cells in the eyes release histamines in a good effort to protect the eyes. When this happens, the blood vessels leads to swelling of the eyes.


  1. It is a Thyroid Condition
    A thyroid condition could be another reason why you’ve developed a puffy eye. Puffiness in the eye is one of the signs of an overactive thyroid in your body (hyperthyroidism). This makes the fat in your eyes to become thicken, thus leading to that puffiness you’re dealing with.


  1. Orbital Cellulitis
    Orbital cellulitis is an inflammation that is most common in children, which spreads from the sinuses. It causes painful swelling of the eyelid.
  2. Conjunctivitis
    Conjunctivitis is got during its season- the cold and flu season. This is a swelling of the conjunctiva, the thin transparent layer of tissue which lines the inner surface of the eyelid. This bacterial or viral infection leads to puffy eyes too.


  1. Age
    This is one of the major causes of puffy eyes. The tissues in your eyelids weaken as you are growing older. When this happens, the fat in the upper eyelid comes to rest in the lower eyelid.


Fixing Your Puffy Eyes — Simple Approaches

With so many reasons behind your puffy eye, there are simple approaches to treating them. These approaches are as simple as those used to relieve your headache.

  1. Apply a Cold Compress
    You don’t need a medical professional to get this done for you; with a clean cloth, you can get this done without delay- continuously to get faster Soak the clean cloth in cold water, remove it and place it in the region. Repeat this method until you get rid of that puffiness. However, if no good result is achieved, you ought to see your doctor.


  1. Gently Massage the Region to Allow Blood Flow
    Since blood has found its way to congregate there, you can gently do a massage for gradual relief.


  1. Apply a Face Cream
    Again, your face cream will help constrict the blood vessels. Applying a good face cream is another way of getting rid of your puffy eye.


  1. Give Your Eye Rest
    Do not wear makeups or lenses when you have eye puffiness. Giving your eye rest from all of this makes it possible for the puffiness to go faster.

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