Why Pretty Ladies Are Still Single

Why Pretty Ladies Are Still Single

Many women today claim to be good single women. The funny reality is, only a few of them truly fit this description of what a man truly desires and needs from a woman.

There are several pointers to why women find themselves single and heartbroken.

One reason many good and beautiful women remain single is their bad attitude, I know many ladies may not want to hear this, but then it has affected so many relationships. Women with such stuck up and nasty attitude always claim the reason they never have a relationship is that they consider themselves divas or being too classy, in the end, those that would eventually date you will date you for sex and not love.Why Pretty Ladies Are Still Single

Most women will always remain single because they have resolved not to be accountable for their actions, always putting the blame on men. They simply claim that everything is a man’s fault, in their words “if he acts right, you will definitely fall into place”, what a delusion!  You will definitely have issues with men until you decide to step up.

Take a good look at the mirror sister and you will realize the flaws you have that need improvement, confessing that you are a good woman will never land you that dream relationship you truly desire, however, conviction and ability to work on yourself every now and then will definitely throw a beehive of amiable gentlemen your way.

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