Prenatal Yoga Classes – 5 Amazing Things you’ll learn

yoga classes for pregnant ladies

If you have been looking through the internet for a term like “prenatal yoga classes near me”, chances are you already know a few things about the amazing benefits of pregnancy yoga. Staying fit while you’re expecting helps combat niggling and annoying perks like bloating, tiredness, constipation, and body pain that pregnancy comes with.

Maternity yoga is the perfect form of physical and mental exercise for pregnant women as it specifically focuses on poses and positions that are safe and fashioned for pregnant women. Apart from helping alleviate bothersome pregnancy symptoms, prenatal yoga puts expecting mothers in a better mood, which allows for rest and relaxation. If you are considering taking pregnancy yoga classes, here are five things you will surely learn.

Stretching improves delivery and recovery

Prenatal yoga gears you up for labor and boosts your baby’s wellbeing. In yoga classes for pregnant ladies, you will be urged to take in deep breaths and focus on breathing techniques that will be extremely valuable when the time comes to push your baby out. Breathing in and out slowly will also help you during labor contractions.

You will also be encouraged to make gentle movements, taking different parts of your body through their possible range of motion. These gentle exercises will tone important muscles in your body, improving your delivery and recovery experience.

Breathing exercises decrease the risk of miscarriages

It has been shown that miscarriages and other negative pregnancy complications occur when stress levels in expecting mothers are over the top.

The breathing exercises in yoga for pregnant ladies works efficiently as a stress reliever. An increased intake of oxygen will increase blood flow to the abdomen, which provides a calming effect and holds great benefits for the health of the mother and child.

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yoga during pregnancy

Prenatal yoga positions might prevent cesarean sections

In situations where the baby is not in the optimal position for delivery (that is head down and facing downwards), there are a host of different yoga poses such as, Extended Puppy, Bridge, Downward Facing Dog and Pelvic Rocking that can help return the child to the normal position.

Yoga squats are also known to reduce the distance that the baby needs to travel during delivery, making for a better experience in the delivery room.

pregnancy yoga poses

Maternity yoga meditation builds connection

Taking time every day to meditate and be aware of your thoughts and emotions, just for yourself and your growing baby fosters an amazing connection.

A lot of mothers do not stop to appreciate the special moment when the child is growing and thriving in their bodies. Taking pregnancy yoga classes creates an environment for bonding to take place, reducing anxiety, helping the mother and child relax.

Strength and flexibility

If you are planning to have a natural delivery without being medicated, prenatal yoga classes teach you exercises that’ll help with making your hips and legs strong, and this gives you more choices for positioning during labor. Poses like Hip-opening help to expand the pelvis, and stretching the hip flexors will moderate the tightness that comes as a result of hormonal shifts.

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