Perfect Punishment for Corrupt Politicians

Corrupt Politicians

There are lots of ills I abhor in a nation, none, however, irks me like corrupt politicians. Humanity has come to realize that although we cannot have zero corruption level, we can still try to show complete ruthlessness and zero tolerance for this evil trying to tear our beloved country apart.

A lot of people have vented their anger towards the rising spate of corruption in the country, some have even gone ahead to prescribe the best punishment to be meted out to corrupt officials, and I will be wrong to call this a “rising level” of corruption because we have corruption at its best here.

For many, the type of capital punishments that are being practiced in countries like China and North Korea should be the ideal punishment for corrupt offenders, I wouldn’t agree any less. If there was a weightier and more humiliating punishment, I will gladly say it out.

Corrupt Politicians
Corrupt Politicians

Senators like Adeyemi Smart, have in times past called for the implementation of death penalty to be applied to corrupt public and political figures in Nigeria; this I would consider a brave call from someone who lives in a system of corrupt politicians and wants to see that corruption is managed and reduced to the barest minimum like in other western countries.

No matter how enticing death sentences sound in an attempt to weed our society of corruption, I think there are other punishments that can also be incorporated in dealing with corrupt officials; court sentences with hard labour could serve as a deterrent to corruption in the future. Imagine the likes of Bode George, Tafa Balogun being subjected to hard labour under the watchful eyes of prison wardens, this would definitely help stem corruption.



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