3 things you must not talk about on the first date

Posted on Jul 24 2016 - 9:00am by Adebimitan

A lot of guys out there always goof on their first date; the reason is not far-fetched, though. There is always this pressure to be open, funny, witty and insightful; but trust me when I say this can ruin your chances of hanging out for a second date. I know you don’t want to make a disaster out of your first date. Thus, here is what you shouldn’t talk about on the first date.


Except you are deliberately hooking up with a whore or a slut, never talk about sex, or how good you are in bed. This would only ruin your chances of meeting up for a second date. Forget about sex and make her the object of your focus. I know this sounds simple but a lot of dudes have failed by towing this line.


I know you want to appear like a stud, but never admit to a woman on a first date how much you are good at drinking and how many times you have closed a bar, this would give her the impression that you are just a cheapish drunkard who has nothing to offer other than liquor, trust me, you will never get a second date.What not to say on the first date-nitalks

Why she is single

Never ask a lady why she has been single especially on the first date, this irks the hell out of them, ‘we have all been single at one point in our life

, so what’s the big deal, for all I care you are single too.’ This might ruin your opportunity to get a second date.

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