Australia’s Oldest Scientist Flies To Switzerland to End His Own Life

Presenting, Western Australia is undergoing the process of enforcing a law to make voluntary euthanasia legal. If the law is eventually made legal, it will only apply to those... Read more »

Healthy Habits That Would Help You Live Longer

Everyone wants to live longer and enjoy the things nature, together with technology, has to offer. But, is it really possible for one to live longer by than more... Read more »

Deadly Caterpillar Pandemic Storms England

The United Kingdom is facing a deadly caterpillar (oath procession months) contagion which seems to pose a threat to the health of residents, causing severe skin rashes, deadly asthma,... Read more »

9 Fashion Items Hurting Your Health

Everyone, especially women, wants to fit in the fashion -oriented world. While trying to do this, do not also forget that there are some fashion items that are very... Read more »

Medication Not Perfect Treatment for Mental Heal Issues

A report which deals with the mental health of people has called on the Irish health service providers to bring to absolute diminishment the dependence on prescribed drugs or... Read more »

World’s First Total Penis and Scrotum Transplant

The first total penis and scrotum transplant ever carried out in the history of man came to a success at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on March 26, 2018.... Read more »

Alcohol Causes Bad Breath – Researchers Claim

Since the health of people is very paramount to medical researchers, they are always issuing warnings against the wrong path of life, with bad breath being one of the... Read more »
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