5 Best Cervical Cancer Treatments

One of the most overwhelming periods for most cervical patients is making the freighting decisions of going for treatments, and this is because such decisions are often time very... Read more »

8 Crucial Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

Over the last four decades, cervical cancer has been considered the most deadly cancer among women. However, with the development of Pap test, in-depth research and recognition of certain... Read more »

5 Deadliest Eye Diseases People Never Take Seriously

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8 Unmistakable Symptoms of HIV in Men

Every day around the world, there are new cases of HIV recorded, and two-thirds of this new cases occur mostly in men. According to expert, gays and bisexuals make... Read more »

5 Symptoms of Kidney Stones You Never Knew

Kidney stones also known as urolithiasis is one of the kidney diseases diagnosed among 1 to 15 percent of people worldwide. In 2013 alone, a total of 49 million... Read more »

Top 7 Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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6 Telltale Symptoms of Liver Disease

The liver is one of the largest and most important organs in the body; therefore, it is responsible for ridding the body of harmful chemical substances and waste. Asides... Read more »
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