Things you never do on a first date

Things you never do on a first date

Planning your first date can be extremely difficult, this should be expected, though, because, at this point, you know little or nothing about the person you are on a date with.

To this end, you want to get quality advice from the internet when it comes to dating and relationship, especially on first dates. However, the best dates, are those where one is able to be him or herself. here are suggestions on what should never be said or done on any first date.

Never show up late

Time is money, and many people like me truly value their time, showing up late for whatever reason on a date is a big No-No, it sends the very wrong message to your would-be spouse. This goes to both guys and girls, the first impression really matters. Take all the time you want to do your makeup and hairdo, but never show up for your first date late.Things you never do on a first date

 Never be attached to your phone

This one entirely goes to the ladies, forgive me if you think am a chauvinist. Many guys see this as a turn off on the first date, going through your phone every time sends an impression to the guy that he is boring. When you are getting to know somebody, especially on the first date, you should try to give them maximum attention, you just might win their trust and heart as well.

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