Why You Should Never Date a Friend’s Ex

why you should never date a friend’s ex

Every lady has a picture of her dream man, you expect him to be hot, sexy, tall and charming, and sometime, you wouldn’t even mind if it’s your friend’s ex.

Trust me, there is no wrong in having this desire, but your desires could be cut short when the guy you have a crush on is your friend’s ex.

It could be painful to let go, considering that our society is filled with so many jerks and guys who have no real desire to have a long-term relationship, but trust me, sister, you really don’t want to go on this bumpy ride with your friend’s ex, it’s going to be a disaster.

why you should never date a friend’s ex

When the thought of dating your friend’s ex crosses your mind, the crazy thing is that you begin to evaluate your relationship with your friend! Snap out of such thought, whether you are a close acquaintance with such friend or not, dating her ex is a capital NO- NO.

Look elsewhere sister, there are more than a billion men out there, snap out of this dream of dating your friend’s ex, you don’t want to deal with this highly excruciating emotional guilt. I don’t know about you but it sounds pretty weird to me; imagine having your tongues where your friend has had hers, lying stack naked in the same bed as your friend months or years back? Unimaginable right?

Besides, when you date a friend’s ex, jealousy definitely sets in; you will definitely want to compare yourself with her and probably want to outshine her to keep this fleeting relationship.

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