Minnesota toddler’s rare condition (AQUAGENIC URTICARIA) leaves her allergic to water — including her own tears!

Minnesota toddler's rare condition (AQUAGENIC URTICARIA) leaves her allergic to water — including her own tears!

A Minnesota toddler suffers outrightly from what we call a “rare allergy” which has really put her at risk of water, one of the most important natural sources of life.

Her name is Ivy Lynn Angerman. This very rare condition impedes her from enjoying water. Anytime little Ivy is exposed to water, her skin seems to break in hives and rashes. This [prevents her from enjoying water – she cannot bathe, wash her face with water or play with water in any form available. Water is not only what this beautiful Minnesota toddler is battling. Her condition has grown worse in that, whenever she is sweating, she is left in pains.

Aquagenic Urticaria (or allergy to water) is a rare condition in which urticarial (hives) develop quickly after the skin comes in contact with water, irrespective of its (water) temperature. This condition is said to affect young girls who are in their teens, as well as women and symptoms often start at the onset of puberty.


Report from the National Institute of Health’s Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Centre is that, the condition is said to have affected very few a person in the world, approximately 50 people. That is the sole reason it is known to be a rare condition; its treatment is not as prevalent currently as treatments for other conditions in the world.

As a parent, Ivy’s mother, Brittany, must also be disturbed to see her little baby undergoing a condition without a specified treatment yet. As you could imagine, without a doubt, this really brings aches and heartbreaks to her mother- breaking her heart into pieces like a broken plate. This is so because, as a parent, she cannot do anything over the nature of the condition. The Mirror quoted her saying: “When she was diagnosed, my heart hit in the floor; we were all very upset and shocked. She tries to climb up the wall of the bath because it’s hurting her and she wants to get out. She then starts crying from the pain and this means her face starts to blister because she’s allergic to them too”.

Life has not really been fair on her part. She always consumes antihistamines, helping her body to be free from other allergies and their possible symptoms.

Notwithstanding the situation, doctors have recommended that, to help her deal with the condition which has not made life fair to her, further steps need to be taken.  For example, doctors have advised the parents of this child to ensure that she bathes and drinks purified water and she moves in an air-conditioning home- with no traces of water. This water (purified water) is recommended since some experts believe that a person’s hives are not truly caused by the water itself, but by an allergen substance which is present in water.

Since there is no recommended treatment for it yet, doctors have forewarned the parents of this pretty baby about the worsening of her condition.

We are on the lookout for a specified treatment and expressing absolute optimism about her condition.

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