What Men Secretly Desire From Ladies (But Will Never Tell Them)

Many are now familiar with the phrase, “men are complicated beings”. While it seems particularly easy for women to communicate with ease, all they desire from a relationship and would go to whatever learnt to express that desire, men on the other hand are not so disposed to expressing what they really need/desire. Men, deep down, do desire the following from the female folk:


Women love to be complimented, especially when they have had their hair made or when they adorn a new accessory. When their partners don’t pay attention/compliments, ladies will often   draw attention to these changes. However, a man will never come all out and tell you how much he want/desires to be appreciated, although he truly desires to be appreciated. He feels asking for a compliment from you sounds weird and is not masculine. So next time you truly want to bring  out the best in your man, compliment him; don’t wait for him to ask for it, because chances are that he may never ask.What Men Secretly Desire From Ladies (But Will Never Tell Them)

Asking for his advice

Women gush about how valuable and priceless it feels when their boyfriend/partner adores and showers them with affection. Conversely one’s boyfriend/husband always feels loved and important whenever his advice is sought.

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