How To Deal With Anger in Men

men and anger

A lot of things in our world today trigger men’s anger, from criticism, to threat, to even frustration. This heated emotion often leads to displeasure, irritation and at other times, dislikes.

As much as anger can be a healthy response to issues confronting the male folks, it can result in dire consequences and irreparable damages if not managed properly.

In today’s modern society, however, there are more mature ways to deal with this evil called anger, thus learning to control ones rage could save one’s life and thus improve his health. It can also save money; I was at slot trying to buy a Smartphone sometime ago when a man was dragged in by a lady we earlier thought was his wife, it was actually after shouts that we discovered he broke her phone in anger when she insulted him.

The Danger

Recent reports indicate that people are most likely to suffer heart attacks and cardiac arrests within two hours of heated argument; this is because stress often increases your heart rate and blood pressure. The question on many people’s lips is how to stop this anger before it does something unimaginable.

men and anger

Why Are You Angry

Understanding and identifying one’s anger style is the secret to eliminating this evil, to manage your anger effectively, you will definitely need to slow down your reaction time, if you feel someone has criticized you accurately, accept such criticism and focus on improving yourself, however, if you assume that it is an inaccurate criticism, hold your punches and let the anger fade away slowly.


Another way to effectively manage anger is to talk it out with the person that provoked you even if you don’t see any good coming out of such discussion; people often feel angry only when they are threatened, so try hitting a common ground with the other person.


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