menstrual cramps

Many young ladies and women today are victims of menstrual cramps, or what medical practitioners call dysmenorrheal. For some women, these cramps could be quite debilitating and excruciating, while in others its mild discomfort.

Generally, there are two types of menstrual cramps; primary and secondary dysmenorrheal. The primary dysmenorrheal mostly occurs in young women who just began experiencing their menstrual circle, the menstrual cramps experienced by these young ladies tend to subside when they hit their mid-twenties or after giving birth to her first child. These cramps are often the result of contractions of the uterus triggered by substances called prostaglandins.

menstrual cramps

On the other hand, secondary Dysmenorrhea often occur when menstrual cramps are a result of health conditions other than experiencing your period, this health condition could be fibroid tumors, endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

When ladies experience their period, their bodies often secretes high level of prostaglandin, and it is important to know that the higher the level of prostaglandins, the higher the menstrual pain.  To manage these cramps, physicians often prescribe oral contraceptive to ease painful periods; however birth control pills often have side effects, leading to abnormal bleeding, mood changes and weight loss.

menstrual cramps

Another way to tackle these cramps is to relax and let others around you know how you are feeling; this would help you reduce the stress that may cause menstrual cramps. Eating fresh and healthy food may help reduce cramps as well.

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