Man Lost 19kgs in 3 Months without Following A Diet

Man Lost 19kgs in 3 Months without Following A Diet

We all know it isn’t so easy to strictly follow a diet and lose weight very quickly- as doing so very quickly is absolutely impossible. Most times, we can’t do without junk foods and other fries. But should the story of Hunter Hobbs I am about to share surprise you? The story of how he lost 19kgs in just three months is so thought-provoking. Did you know what brought the weight loss in just three months? Two things- ghar ka khana and regular body exercise did that justice.

These two things really did wonders for his health afterward- bringing him magical transformation in just 3 months. Hobbs was completely addled when his weight hit 91kgs. He didn’t take the normal things like ice cream we prefer. Rather, he was determined to bring his weight down to 76kgs.

When interviewed by the American news and talk morning television show TODAY, he said:

“That is the most I ever weighed. I was thinking one day ‘What would happen if I committed to the gym and a diet?’”

Since he securing a desk job, going to a gym was out and he gave way to eating of junk foods like pizza on a daily basis. Because of this, he gained much weight and at the time he checked it, the weighing machine showed that the lifestyle he was living was very unhealthy for him.

Hunter dared to take a three-month challenge and that brought a complete change to his body as well as his looks.

To be serious about it, he began by cooking all his meals, which contain lots of lean proteins and healthy carbs like eggs, sweet potatoes and chicken. He didn’t stop there; he began lifting up weights on a daily basis. In order to be sure of the changes he was undergoing, Hobbs decided to be taking pictures of himself every single day after his meals and exercise. After a couple of months, he began noting ‘huge changes’.  He told Today

“That was a huge motivating factor.”

But someone could have stopped him from the challenge. He said:

“My roommate made my challenge so much harder because every day he ate something unhealthy. Losing weight was the hardest thing I have ever done.”

However difficult it was, he was very successful in just three months- he lost 19kgs. He said that he was successful because he was consistent.

“Honestly I got into a habit every day and that really helped me,” he said.

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