How to handle long distance relationships

How to handle long distance relationships

Very few people can handle the rigors of long distance relationships. How one guy handles his long distant relationship is different from the way another handles his.

For all I care your girlfriend could be half way around the world. If you really love her then you must ensure that relationship works out. Here are a few tips to keep your relationship sprouting like beautiful lilies.

Always keep an open line of communication with your girlfriend, remember, if you keep to the rule that says ‘out of sight is out of mind’, then you will never be able to keep that long distance relationship. Try to call your girlfriend every day, send her those lovely text messages, beep her on Skype and tell her how much you miss her, this way you will keep your relationship fresh.

To spice up your long distance relationship, do something outside the norm, go old school bro, send her handwritten letters, and mail her a box of chocolate. These small gestures will send her that signal that she has a hold on your heart.

Also, you will need to balance your long distance relationships with your daily life, even though relationships are important, always remember it can’t be the center of your day. You must ensure that you are engaged with other aspects of your social and academic or career life; this would keep you busy and ensure that your relationship always stays healthy.

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