The Line between Giving Up and Knowing My Strengths


For most of you reading this, you’d probably know a little about me, and if you’re given a book to write some things you know about me, you’re sure to have at least a point down.

There is a part of me, though, that not many people know, and sometimes, I just see it as my weakness. When I don’t accomplish something I set my sights on really quick, I give up. Yes, I give up.

Well, to cut the story short, I have never been this guy who would do marketing for any reason; while still with my former employer, there came a time when the company wanted the production staffs to go to the market to give the products a push, and I must say this, “I was one of those who really resisted going; in fact, I didn’t go on one trip throughout my stay, not one!”

Well, I am still that same guy who’s tryna venture into e-commerce because of its potential, and silly enough, I have to sell, I have to market! The same thing I never wanted to do. LOL.

I tried running Facebook ads to promote my store and ultimately get people to buy my products, and guess what; I spent over $150, no sales, nothing. Well, for some reason, I didn’t give up. I tried Instagram influencer marketing and silly enough, I have spent over $200, NO SALES!

I recently discovered that most of the accounts I reach out to are actually fakes, they have bought followers and they simply ripped idiots like me off. Well, you’d call me an idiot again and again. Unlike me, unlike the John I know, I simply ain’t ready to give up. LOL.

Did you know I gave up on learning copywriting? I gave up on learning computer programming. I gave up on learning to do so many things in my life, why? I failed at them. Well, on the heels of the latest e-commerce failures, I think I can say something to myself.

“I have strengths and I have passions. The fact that I haven’t succeeded in e-commerce is because marketing isn’t my strength, and the fact that I haven’t given up simply means e-commerce is something I am passionate about.”

I checked my computer today and I can tell you this. This will be the 671st article I am writing on this computer in the space of 2 years. I have been writing for only-God-knows-when, I am passionate about this!

So what’s all this rubbish about? The reason I gave up on those things, the reason I refused to learn them, the reason I didn’t want to venture into those areas wasn’t because I was not persistent as many of you will quickly judge me to be. It’s simply because I wasn’t passionate about them.

Nothing comes easy, so you will have to work your butts off to achieve anything in this life, anything!

When you give up really soon on a business endeavor, it’s simply because you’re not passionate about it, it’s simply because you just aren’t made for it. This is the second time in my business endeavors when I have to go through failures and I just ain’t in the mood to give up; in fact, learning from past mistakes give me the added impetus to dive in again.

Giving up soon doesn’t mean you’re weak, it simply means you’re not suited for it. Look for something you can do just fine, play by your terms, in your court! You honestly don’t have to push yourself to NOT GIVE UP. When you play in your field, you just wouldn’t give up. You’ll see reasons every day to try again, to go again, and to fight again!

For those of you who look down on people who give up in a business you’ve succeeded in, I’ll just advice you to STOP. We are all different, and that’s why we have something called “niche.” Let them find their niche and you’ll be surprised to see how well they do.

I have practically forgotten about this blog for quite some time, it was really tiring running it. I wanted to share health contents, but it really wasn’t my niche, I got tired of it. Well, I think I have found my niche now, LOL. I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you in the coming days.

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