Kids Use Car to Solicit Funds for Dad’s Kidney Transplant

Kids Use Car to Solicit Funds for Dad’s Kidney Transplant

A single dad, Ryan Stanford of three has turned to the world for the help of a life-saving kidney donation. The quest for an organ has been on but there seems to be no one coming to their aid. As a result, the man, together with his family, has taken the search for the organ donor into his own hands since there is no more time left for him. Mr. Stanford was diagnosed as a kid with polycystic kidney disease, an inherited disease in which the renal tubules become abnormal, resulting in the development and growth of multiple cysts in the kidney; thus causing the enlargement and malfunctioning of the kidney.

The man, whose wife kicked the bucket some few years ago is suffering from stage 4 kidney failure and is recently on the list of Michigan and Ohio.

Dialysis has been scheduled for him some months after now, but he said this would hinder him from providing for his family he has always been doing.

To get a donor as quickly as possible, the daughter of his girlfriend came up with the idea of placing an ad for a donor on the back window of their car.

She said:

“I was trying to think of something we could do because unfortunately, time is running out. This guy has done so much for me and my family. I wanted to do something.”

The daughter of Mr. Stanford’s girlfriend brought a good idea as they came to a unanimously adamantine conclusion to put the sign, which reads “Single dad of 3 needs kidney. Type O. 586-298-4237” on the back window of their car.

Mr. Stanford who has also got a GoFundMe page said that he really appreciated all of the help that has been rendered him so far for the sake of his children.

Mr. Stanford in a statement said:

“My family is pretty much all that matters, I have them and I still have to raise them,” he told the news outlet. “They are not out of school yet. I’d like to be around to continue to get them on their path.”

We are mainly using this forum to solicit a donor for Mr. Ryan Stanford.

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