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Leicester City and Arsenal Football Club are on an eager wait to have Jamie Vardy make his decision either to sign a fresh and better-quality contract or to transfer to Arsenal on an agreed £22m deal.

Jamie Vardy nonetheless appears to be taking a longer time to consider the transfer,notwithstanding the initiated £22million discharge clause in his contract.

Claims by the long standing Arsenal Manager,Arsene Wenger has been that Jamie Vardy will most likely not be a starter for England at Euro 2016 due to his insufficiency of necessary experience at the international level.

This claim of his has instigated insinuations that Wenger’s opinion of Vardy maybe personal, owing to him being “allegedly” snubbed by the striker, to which questions have arisen as to whether or not Vardy’s reluctance in committing to Arsenal could be a bad sign for the club.

Same could not be said about the striker, as the dilemma didn’t seem to be a cause for worry to him this morning during his training session in Chantilly.


Now with the Euro 2016 set to commence on Friday, it can only be imagined what the aftermath of this sagawill be before the competition commences.


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