Is Your Doctor Gaslighting You? Here’s What to Do

Have you been led into thinking that you aren’t good enough to do things yourself? Has anyone made you think that your actions to achieve your goals or be successful are too infinitesimal? Then, you are a victim of gaslighting!

What exactly is gaslighting? How may your doctor gaslight you? What can you do if your doctor gaslights you? Here, these questions will be addressed in order to be aware of your situation and take a drastic step(s) to overcome your fears.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or an entity employs, using misdirection or lying, to destabilize a victim, making them question their own perception and sanity. This is done in order to gain more power. Your doctor may use this scheme to trap you. What signs should you look out for?

  1. He lies to You
    Your doctor deliberately lies to your very face and never backs out from it. Habitual lying is the basis for their disparaging behavior. He could be extremely convincing so much so that you start to doubt your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  1. He Spreads Rumors about You
    Your doctor may always pretend to be worried about you and the state of your health. But while doing this, he may spread false stories about you to others— your family and friends. Your doctor, being psychological more than you, will subtly do this on you. As studies have shown in different states, this scheme is very effective in getting the person ‘turned down’. While telling others false stories about you, your doctor will equally tell you that these same people think negatively about you. But the truth is that they never say anything bad about you, it has not even come into their heart; your doctor is just saying this to disguise the truth in the light of achieving his aim.
  2. His Words and Actions Don’t Tally
    One insidious thing about this abuser is that his words never agree with his actions. He says one thing and does another. He is very smart at doing this. If your doctor says the problem on ground is red and tells you that the solution is A but they do B, the opposite, this is another red flag that they are gaslighting you. Pay more than your usual attention to this facet of your doctor.

The more you are aware of these gaslighting techniques by your doctor, the quicker you avoid falling into an abysmal trap.

What to do if Your Doctor is Gaslighting You

  1. Be Alert: You are a victim of gaslighting when you aren’t aware of the situation on ground, when you don’t know exactly what’s going on. Being alert is one of the quickest ways of overcoming gaslighting. You must be able to use your intellectual quotient in situations like this.
  2. Build Your Own Support System: When a gaslighter notices that you always isolate yourself from family and friends, who are your best support system, they will play a big role in helping you to isolate yourself completely so that they will take total control. Remember that your doctor who’s gaslighting you is smarter than you think; in fact, he’s smarter than you. Consequently, you are advised to spend time with your dear ones, don’t try to isolate yourself.
  3. Don’t let down Your Self-Esteem: Since gaslighters will always convince you that you aren’t worth you think you are, you must be able to do your utmost to build your self-esteem. You must cultivate an unwavering belief in your perception. He may be smarter than you but he is not better than you.

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