Is there a Home STD Test Kit?

Is there a Home STD Test Kit?

Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the most common diseases affecting today’s society. Having sex with STD infected persons is the main reason behind most of the sexually transmitted diseases. If you are questioning whether is there a home STD test kit for diagnosing STDs? Then the answer will be yes. In the present scenario, there are several STD testing kits available in the market. You can purchase and use them at your own home. The advantages of home based STD test kits are given below:

Test as Easily as 1-2-3– Yes, most of the STD diagnostic kits are so easy to use. Just read and follow step-by-step instructions which are written in a free-brochure.

Fast and Accurate Results– The best part of home based STD kits is that within a few minutes you will get your test results. No long waiting like other traditional medical tests. Along with this, home STD test kits are also very accurate and reliable – close to 99% accurate.

Certified and Approved– No more use of bad and cheap products which were rampant in the past. Nowadays many widely available brands of online STD test kits such as “iCare” are approved by various big international organizations like USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and certified by global medical standards like ISO13485. Not only this, these kits are also evaluated by WHO (World Health Organisation).


Is there a Home STD Test Kit?

Affordable– Due to advancement in the medical industry, tests are becoming more expensive and unaffordable for the common man. Any traditional lab-based or clinic-based STD test may require you to spend a lot of your hard-earned money, but home-based STD test kits are much more affordable in comparison.

Private and Anonymous– Being diagnosed with any STD is always embarrassing; but with home STD test kits, you don’t need to be embarrassed, because they offer you testing with complete privacy and anonymity.

Last but not the least, using these home STD test kits means you also do not have to suffer from pain like most medical tests at clinics or hospitals.

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