Intranet Portal Software

Intranet portals refer to these portal sites which are available only to employees of a business. The concept has gathered impetus over several years as a cost efficient and labor saving system of keeping workers connected.

There is a specific application that’s popularly for constructing an intranet as well as an Internet portal.There are specific applications, primarily related to the authority and encryption of information, which are used particularly for intranet portals.

They ensure that there’s no unrestricted access to these portals. Free applications can be downloaded from the Internet and used to manufacture intranet portals. There’s a broad range of such software to select from.

You should download only which suits your requirements. There is no need to get tempted by large claims and elaborate attributes provided by applications. If one is taking a look at a dynamic portal site with large numbers of attributes and enormous quantities of information, one may have to purchase one or more kinds of applications.


That is certainly nothing to get concerned about, as the costs of such applications have nosedived over the past few years due to growing rivalry. Many specialists forecast that intranet portal applications are going to be among the fastest growing segments in information technology in the next couple of years.

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