Infinix Note 4 Pro Review, Specs and Price

Infinix Note 4 Pro Review, Specs and Price

The Infinix Note 4 was out and appreciated by Infinix fans. But here is another superb smartphone, the Note 4 Pro- a premium variant of the Note 4. Some fans say the company should work harder to improve their battery life.

Putting the words and welfare of their customers in mind, the Infinix has done so much for its fans by increasing the battery of the new smartphone; this is one major reason why it’s called a premium variant of the Note 4. Another thing that adds to it is its larger capacity it has, with an inbuilt 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM unlike the Note 4, with just only 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.

At this juncture, let us consider what makes the Infinix Note 4 Pro a unique smartphone that worths your money.

Specifications of the Note 4 Pro

Display and Camera

The Note 4 Pro sports a unique design, a design that looks similar to Samsung smartphones. This design is seen in front of the smartphone where a fingerprint scanner is encrusted. This is the first time Infinix is having its fingerprint scanner in the front of its smartphone. The Note 4 Pro is also sported with a curvy unibody which makes it smooth and comfortable to hold.

However, the Infinix Note 4 Pro can’t be compared to the Note 3 Pro because it’s designed with a 5.7-inch display screen with 294 Pixel Per Inch, unlike the latter which is designed with a 6.0-inch display screen. But the major features it has that the Infinix Note 3 Pro doesn’t possess are the fingerprint scanner located in the front of the Infinix Note 4 Pro and its X-Pen which is beautifully crafted.

This is the first time, too, the company is making an X-Pen on their smartphone. It has beautiful colors that may suit your taste if you are tired of buying smartphones with local or rampant colors. With its charming Sandstone Black, Prussian Blue, Lilac Gray, and Champagne Gold; beautiful colors that suit your beautiful taste.

Also, in terms of the camera the Infinix has really, really upgraded. The Note 4 Pro is built with 13MP back camera crated with dual LED flash which is capable of capturing great moments. Its front camera is just around 8MP LED flash. The camera shuts down after 30 seconds of inactivity; this can be extremely helpful after accidental pocket presses.

Battery Capacity

Smartphone users say they enjoy using a smartphone with greater battery capacity. Infinix is not left out in improving the battery capacity of their phone. This is seen in the new smartphone with its battery capacity of 4500mAh. It also supports the X-charge (fast charge) technology. This new technology is designed to enable the smartphone charge faster even at a low voltage while reducing the loss of current to produce higher efficiency. The company promised a-2-day use for normal usage and a-1.5-day use for heavy usage, which has been the standard for the Note series.

Software and Hardware

The Note 4 Pro runs on Android 7.0 (Nougat) on a 1.3GHz Octa-core processor with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. It also supports microSD which can be extended to 128GB. The Note 4 Pro offers Bluetooth 4.2, Micro USB, dual-band Wi-Fi, as well as 4G LTE. It is powered by MediaTek MT6753 paired with Mali 720 at GPU.

That said, the Note 4 Pro is a very durable smartphone coupled with fabulous functionality, charming features that may warrant your purchasing it. Thinking of buying the smartphone having seen its great functionality?

Infinix Note 4 Pro Price

The price has been announced to be N70K on Jumia and Konga. If you love the great functionality and battery durability, believe me, this is just one of the best smartphones for you.  In fact, it has been termed ‘Samsung rival’ in the smartphone industry.

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