Infinix Hot 5 VS Infinix Hot 6 – Review, Features and Prices

Infinix Hot 5 VS Hot 6 - Features and Prices

Infinix is taking the lead amongst others in the Nigerian mobile market today. The phones are spotted to be one of the best smartphones. In this article, we will focus on the Infinix hot 6 and Infinix hot 5. Both smartphones have fewer features that need consideration. While both devices are unique and look outstanding, they have fewer variations most people don’t know. So we will delve into the similarities as well as the differences in this article.

Design and Display of Infinix Hot 5 VS Infinix Hot 6

In terms of design and display, both devices have a little difference we need to consider. Both devices feature the HOT logo slated at the back. The two devices have a back camera and a fingerprint, which is also slated at the back of both phones.  What about the display sizes of both devices? Are they similar?

While the Hot 5 showcases a 5.5-inch HD+ display screen, the Hot 6 has the 6.0-inch HD+ display screen; and the Infinix Hot 6 features the trending 18:9 aspect ratio display. The display resolution of the Infinix Hot 6 is higher than that of the Infinix Hot 5 as both are seen to have a resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels with 285 pixels per inch (PPI) density and 720 x 1280 pixels with 287 pixels per inch (PPI) density respectively.

The front glasses of both Hot series have a slight difference. The plastic body of the Infinix Hot 6 is plain with a line drawn at the top and bottom of the device while that of the Hot 5 has a triangle all over it, like a sharp surface. The Infinix Hot 6 is available in four different colors: Magic Gold, Bordeaux, City Blue, and Sandstone; while the Infinix Hot 5 comes in five different colors: White, Fine Gold, Sandstone, Red, and Lemon.

The Cameras of Infinix Hot 5 VS Infinix Hot 6

Infinix Hot 6 and Infinix Hot 5 have different cameras. This will help you to easily differentiate one from the other. With the Infinix Hot 5 taking an 8MP rear camera with a 5Mp front camera, we would say it’s a bit better than other devices in the series before it. However, to make you speechless, the Hot 6 has a bigger offer for you. The Infinix Hot 6, although having a similar 5MP front camera, has a rear camera with a 13MP primary sensor and 2MP secondary sensor, meaning it’s capable of taking a portrait picture which the Infinix Hot 5 can’t.

Hardware and Software of Infinix Hot 5 VS Infinix Hot 6

This is another area where we’ve spotted a big difference between the two smartphones. We know that both devices were launched in different years, and so have different android versions. While there was an uproar over the Android 7.0 (Nougat) version, the newly launched OS version, 8.0 (Oreo) is found on the latter device, the Infinix Hot 6. In terms of internal storage, the two devices have similar 2GB RAM each delivering enjoyable multitasking and have more room for installation of applications. Both smartphones also come with the 16GB ROM.

While the Hot 6 external storage could be upgraded to 128 GB, the Hot 5 can only be upgraded to 32GB; this is an obvious truth that it’s far better than the Infinix Hot 5. Also, the Hot 6 has a completely different hardware when compared with that of Infinix Hot 5. The Infinix Hot 6 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 chipset while that of Infinix Hot 5 is Mediatek MT 6580 chipset.

The Infinix Hot 5 runs on XOS 2.2 skin while the Infinix Hot 6 runs on the latest XOS 3.0 skin. The CPU clock speed of the Infinix Hot 6 is 7.70% faster than that of the Infinix Hot 5. The Snapdragon 425 chipset supports 64-bit used to increase performance and hardware-assisted virtualization.

The Battery of Infinix Hot 5 VS Infinix Hot 6

Both batteries are non-removable Li-on of 4000mAh. The only difference is that the Infinix Hot 6 supports Quick Charge 2.0 while the Infinix Hot 5 doesn’t support this fast charging system. Consequently, with the Infinix Hot 6 having this feature, the Hot 6 will charge faster and last longer than the Infinix Hot 5.

The Prices of Both Smartphones

Just as they have different specs, they also have different prices. But the value of Dollar to Naira isn’t as stable as it was, so the price isn’t constant. Notwithstanding, the current prices of both phones aren’t that expensive compared to Samsung smartphones. The price of Infinix Hot 5 is around N35, 000 – 40,000 while the price of the latter ranges from N44,000-50,000.

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We can then conclude that the Hot 6 is an upgrade to the Hot 5.

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