Immunotherapy Is the Biggest Cancer Killer in the World

Immunotherapy Is the Biggest Cancer Killer in the World

Reports from doctors on Monday suggest that immune therapy drugs are capable of transforming lung cancer, thus able to provide patients with years of extra lifespan.

In their findings, lung cancer patients (pre-treating lung cancer patients) with immune therapy drugs prior to their surgery can help melt away cancer and at the same time too, help limit or even stop the spread of the disease.

The result of the combinations of these drugs, when taken by patients, is very progressive. These combinations have really helped other patients battling with lung cancer disengage from chemotherapy standards which are deemed fit to be very harmful to their health as doing this would equally help to prolong their life spans.

Dr. Roy Herbst, a lung cancer specialist at Yale Cancer Center who though was not involved in the studies, said the results were so astonishing that it was likely every lung cancer patient should be given immunotherapy treatment first.

He said: “I have never seen progress move so fast. The results today are really a paradigm shift. They will mean more lung cancer patients getting immunotherapy up front.”

The drugs had been proven to help combat lung cancer, the most recorded reason for cancer death in the world and the US.

The new results which were released at the American Association for Cancer Research conference held in Chicago the ingenious use of the drug could help reduce the way doctors treat patients with lung cancer.

Because these drugs are new, they are used to treat patients with advanced cancer.

John Heymach, the chairman of the lung cancer division at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center also commented on the issue, he said:

“Just a few years ago it was rare for patients with advanced lung cancer to live past two years. Now it is becoming more common to live past that point even with advanced lung cancer. Advanced lung cancer is no longer a death sentence for these patients.”

All thanks to our medical experts who are working very tirelessly so much so that they have also come up with these treatments.

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