How to Start Running Correctly so You’re Not Miserable

Running is very important as it is associated with so many health benefits you probably never knew. A runner is more fit than one who doesn’t deem it necessary to run, even if it’s just a few minutes.

Running prevents you from developing high blood pressure because while engaging in it, the arteries expand and contract. When they do, they remain fit, which in turn keeps the blood pressure level normal.

Science has also helped us understand that running helps strengthen the immune system. This is due to the body’s ability to build a tolerance to germs, which in turn assist in preventing diseases.

If you are thinking of losing those pounds of weight, you ought to impress upon yourself a few hours of running activity. This is because running helps you lose those mega-calories you ordinarily won’t be able to burn. It also helps you to control your weight.

When you run, the bones are under intense pressure. When this happens, essential minerals are sent to the bones to strengthen them.

After a few weeks of your running exercise, check the strength of your legs. This is another important reason why you are advised to consider running as a part of your daily activity—even if it is done for a few minutes.

Having considered a few reasons why it is important to run, how can you start running correctly so that you don’t feel miserable?

Let’s now consider this question as scientific advice is given you to help you in your journey.

As a beginner, you are advised to start this journey of cardio exercise gradually. In this way, you will master every facet of it. Also, try as much as possible to strengthen the gluteal muscles found in the buttocks. Furthermore, as a beginner, do your utmost to go three days a week. However, if you find three days a week daunting, you can limit to two days a week. This will help you strengthen the muscles and other important organs and tissues in the body so that you don’t feel miserable in this journey since it can be somewhat off-putting and excruciating.

Never be in a hurry to finish your training, go slow; yes, you ought to go slow. This means you don’t need to start with heavy racing training, you can start with a 5k race.

Accountability also plays an important role in your training. Therefore, you can call on a partner or join a training club to help you keep a good track of your training. Don’t be sluggish so that you don’t later feel miserable! Ensure that you give yourself enough, yes enough time to train so that you benefit fully—physically and psychologically.

Feeling comfortable with what you are putting on while running is another imperative aspect you need to pay more than the usual attention to. This is especially so in terms of your running shoes. The kind of shoes you wear affects your running activity. Professionals and podiatrists suggest that you wear shoes that fit the feet, not shoes that will make you uncomfortable and tiring.

Try as much as possible to replace the shoes after using them to run 300-500 miles. This is because the midsole which provides cushion and shock absorption will break down after using them for 500 miles. Therefore, replacing your shoes will help prevent you from injuries. 

As you run, always try to let your hands be as relaxed as possible. In the main, keep the posture of your body erect—keep your heads up, your back ought to be straight. Ensure that you don’t move forward and backward—because it leads to fatigue. Keep your eyes focused on the ground; this should be about 15-23 feet away from your face.

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