How to Start a New Relationship and Keep it Strong

How to Start a new Relationship and Keep it Strong

Whether you are looking to find love, start a new relationship or you’re attempting to enhance your relationship, there are countless opportunities available every day. I talked to relationship expert Andrew Smiles from Loveawake dating site and discussed some of the places and techniques you can use to meet someone new and start a new relationship that will last. Then Andrew showed me some ways to improve an existing relationship.

To begin, if all you do is go to work, come home, go bed, and get up just to do it all again, you are limiting your opportunities to meet someone you can start a relationship with. But even if that is your regular routine, you do have some opportunities available to you. Obviously, you have to eat. How and where you do this may vary from one person to another or even from one day to the next. But either you have to go to the grocery store or you have to stop someplace that serves food. Right? There’s an opportunity.

“I am not suggesting that you stalk the grocery store or restaurants attempting to meet someone and start a new relationship, but I am saying that you should be open to the possibility that the right person for you may be as close as your next meal” –  Andrew says.

Ideally, you want to meet someone that has common interests. A perfect place to do just that is at a class, club, or a meeting of some sort. For example, if you happen to be interested in gardening and landscaping you could join a local gardening club. How wonderful would it be to meet someone that also enjoyed those activities?

Clearly, that would give you a common interest and thus make having a conversation with the person easier. If things seem to click, you can easily move to the next step, which is dating or spending time together outside the scheduled group meetings. If all goes well love will blossom and you will soon be in a real relationship.

Now for keeping that relationship strong. You will need to find ways to keep the interest going. The good news is that this isn’t hard to do, but it does take a little effort. And depending on your personality, this may or may not come naturally to you.

People like to be thought of. All of us like knowing that someone cares. And fortunately, there are easy and inexpensive ways of showing how much you care. One of the most elementary and essential of which is that of really listening to what someone says. Rather than simply having a casual conversation that is meaningless, work at taking something away from the conversation that will be beneficial.

This could be anything at all. Listening to how one’s day at work went can help them relieve stress and frustrations, and you can learn from listening to them. The reality is that the better you know someone the easier it becomes to make enhancements to your relationship. Why? Because you know what matters most to them.

From the little things to the more important things in life, you learn what makes this person happy and what he or she doesn’t care for. Use that knowledge to build on. It can come in the form of how you treat this person as well as the little gifts you give them.

Use your imagination to enhance your relationship. Little things can go a long way in helping you start a new relationship that will last. Make it a habit to do something nice for your special someone regularly. Tailor this to match his or her likes. And if possible, make at least some of these nice things times the two of you can spend together doing something you both love.

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