How to manage a breakup

How to manage a breakup

No one can quantify the pain that results from heartbreak, it can’t be described, this articles will show you how to manage a breakup. When a relationship ends, questions always arise, questions like

; what went wrong? What was I not doing right? However, the only choice available to you at this point is to move on.

Sweetheart, there is no shame in letting go, you don’t have to keep making excuses for staying in a relationship that seems to go nowhere, heaven knows you tried. Sometimes you play the fool in a relationship; other times you just need to let your folly slide down a bit and embrace wisdom. Like my mum often says, there is a guy for every girl, and a girl for every guy, the real guy might just be moments away, so why kill yourself with worry?

How to manage a breakup

Never try to be friends with an ex just because you want to stay cool and prove that you careless about them hurting you, you should always think about a thousand and one things that can happen when you remain friends with an ex. You need everything possible to forget about them, staying friends will only complicate issues and prolong your chances of having a better relationship in the future.

Never blame yourself when you breakup, it takes two to initiate a breakup, if you take a stock of what really went wrong, you would realize how you both contributed to ending the relationship, never let that guilt set in, it would only make you worse.

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