How to lose weight with celery juice

Celery, once again, has proven to be a very special vegetable for several reasons. And now, it has been found to be able to significantly foster weight loss, hence, another important reason to consume celery juice. While some consume celery juice for its health benefits, others just love taking it because it is delicious, and yet quite a good number of people purposely take celery juice to reduce their calorie intake or would I say, be in shape.  

Well, losing weight with celery juice basically means getting the most out of the rich fibre content of those long, pale green fibrous stalks of celery. It is the rich dietary fibre content of the celery juice that makes it perfect for losing weight because that is what makes it filling and healthy. To derive maximum fibre content, while you might want to achieve your consistency which is not bad, be careful not to add too much water to your celery juice so you don’t strain the juice. Before even you adding water to the chopped celery to blend, it’s better you achieve certain safe consistency. For example, for a cup of celery, add 2/3 cup of water to create 1 1/2 cups of fresh celery juice after blending, then you can add a bit more water to the celery juice if the consistency is too thick. Still, be mindful that you don’t overdo it. Apart from the rich dietary content of celery juice, like celery, celery juice has very low-calorie content in itself.

Why Celery Juice is Idea for Weight Loss? How to Benefit

  • High Dietary Fibre Content

As many studies have found, starving is not really the way to go when it comes to losing weight, it is only a short cut to an ulcer. And, in most cases, you end up overeating later on. Consuming foods with high dietary fibre which provides bulk can help you eat less feeling filled. Celery, however, has a healthy high fiber content which makes it feel filling.

To take full advantage of celery high dietary fibre content by taking celery juice, use a blender instead of a juicer to prepare your celery juice and avoid straining your celery juice. A 1.5-cup serving of celery juice preserves 1.6 grams of fibre content per serving when made in a blender which is 4.2 to 6.2 percent of the recommended intake of dietary fibre. Using a juicer to make your celery juice instead or straining your juice will remove all of the insoluble fibre in your celery juice.

  • Low-Calorie Content

All to meet up with the recommendation of taking 2 to 3 cups of vegetables per day some of us end up taking in high-caloric flavoured drinks like grape soda which has 160 calories per 12-ounces serving. Celery juice is a healthier option or substitute. Like celery, celery juice is very low in calories. Per 1 1/2 cup of celery juice, you get just 16 calories. As a substitute to drinks like grape soda, if one serving of celery juice is taken weekly, at the end of the year there would be a little over 2 pounds loss of body weight which equates 7,488 calories total calories loss.

  • The mixture of Celery juice and other fruits and vegetable

Combining celery juice with other fruits and juice doesn’t just make it even more delicious but it even more nutritious. However, you might want to take celery juice add other serving tip for celery juice. For example, though optional, to make give celery juice a spicier flavor to mitigate its strong taste you can add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. As a way of boosting the weight loss process, chili pepper, like cayenne, is beneficial for increasing your metabolism.

As it might also interest you to know, celery juice also has a rich content of vitamin K. Studies have shown that weight loss and bone loss go hand in hand. This means that weight loss at some point can lead to osteoporosis. The Vitamin K contained in celery, hence, celery juice, though it does not contribute to weight loss, helps in preventing osteoporosis. It is also important for healthy blood coagulation. Therefore, you would agree with me that you need a healthy dose of that vitamin K for weight loss. Just a single serving of celery juice gives you approximately 76% of the adequate intake of vitamin K per day.

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