How To Find Your Passion In 5 Creativity Exercises

How To Find Your Passion In 5 Creativity Exercises

One of the greatest keys that will spur you to launch your business is creativity, and you cannot have creativity unless you discover your passion. Business is a whole lot easier when you build your business around what you love.

Therefore, you must quit searching for business ideas that are not related to your passion or drive in life. Below is a list of creative exercise to help you unlock your passion and launch your dream business:

Exercise 1 – Revisit your childhood, what did you love to do?

I have often had this nostalgia for my childhood days. They were and will remain my happiest moments in life. However, as we grow up, we tend to become too preoccupied with life, we rarely pay attentions to the things that once made us happy. During my childhood days, I was creative to say the list, I built sand houses, made paper planes and toy cars. Today, am here to assure you that the same creativity you had in your childhood still lies dormant and untapped within you, you must, therefore, connect with the events in your childhood, especially the happy ones. This would boost your creativity in no small measure.

Exercise 2 – Make a “creativity board”

Creating amazing collage is part of my hobbies, especially during my free times. While building collages, I found out that I was able to come up with certain creative ideas with little or no struggle. You too can come up with your own creative board that represents your passions and business ideas. The goal is to start by sticking the word “new business” in the center of a large poster card, followed by other quotes, images, and inspirations that describe the new business.

How To Find Your Passion In 5 Creativity Exercises

Exercise 3 – Make a list of people who are where you want to be

This is my greatest secret in life. At a tender age, I learned to study and emulate wealthy and successful people, especially those in the business world where I find myself. Don’t confuse my statement and call it undue affinity for money. I realized quite early that a man is a product of what he thinks and believes. Consequently, I choose to be successful in life by studying the life of successful people, the principles that got them to where they are today and how they have been able to remain strong even in the midst of the current recession. You too can do the same.

Exercise 4 – Start doing what you love, even without a business plan

The desire to have a perfectly written business plan which investors are willing to invest their money in, has kept many businesses from starting out. As good as any business plan might look, you must endeavor to try out your passion without monetizing it in the first instance; this would enable you to take a stock of the demands for your passion. If the demands are high after a while, then you are more than free to monetize your passion. After all, you are offering value for money, until then, start doing what you love even without a business plan.

Exercise 5 – Take a break from business thinking

Like every machine deserves a little bit of rest, so does your mind. Sometimes, you just need to shut down the whole business mode thing and chase another other passion. This will give you a moment of refreshing to help reinvent yourself.

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