How to Drink Safely with Diabetes

Patients are advised to be very careful with the kind of drinks they take. A lot of diabetic patients have attested to the fact that alcohol places a tremendous danger on their health, so they are very careful on the amount of alcohol they consume — since they (not all, but most) find it gigantically difficult to avoid alcohol altogether.

If you have diabetes, drinking alcohol can either cause your blood sugar to rise or fall. And because alcohol contains a lot of calories, it can be very challenging since it affects weight too.

A diabetic patient is suffering from a shortage or the nonexistence of insulin, a vital hormone tailored for the absorption of glucose. The cells of the person cannot use the insulin properly as would a person who doesn’t suffer from diabetes. If not properly managed, diabetes is very dangerous.

Here are some drinks you can substitute for alcohol to help you manage your diabetes, especially if you are suffering from type 2 diabetes.

  1. Water
    One of the best drinks you ought to opt for, advised by medical experts to be taken since it helps you manage excellently your diabetes because it doesn’t contain carbohydrate or calories. Research has also shown that drinking water, even though the urge is not present, can help control the level of sugar in your body. Unlike alcohol, water doesn’t react to raise the level of glucose in the blood —making it a beneficial drink for a diabetic patient.
  • Herbal Tea
    Another drink considered safe for you as a diabetic patient is your herbal tea. Though it doesn’t help cure it totally, it can help reduce the symptoms and risks associated with the condition. There are so many herbal teas but meeting with your doctor to know the best for you is very much advisable.
  • Orange Juice
    You may not fit in the gathering of those who love herbal tea. However, you can choose to have a cup of orange juice. Nonetheless, your consumption should be very moderate as it contains sugar. There are other pure fruit juices you can go for but remember, must be in absolute moderation.

But, as earlier mentioned, some individuals can’t do without the intake of alcohol or sweet wine on a daily basis. How can they drink safely while fighting diabetes? Diabetic patients need to be extra careful with their intake of alcohol as it causes an advance effect on their wellbeing.

Patients who drink alcohol excessively are putting their insulin in danger since excessive intake of the drink leads to a reduction in the function of insulin. Alcoholic beverages or/and sweet wine when taken, stimulates appetite, causing you to eat more than you should. When this happens, it affects your blood sugar level because the food you eat contains calories and carbohydrate.

Regular intake of alcohol affects you, in that, the alcoholic drink will trigger the liver to turn protein into glucose. When this happens, you can be sure to have as a guest, so to speak, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). So drink responsibly to avoid complicated issues.  

If you are on certain diabetes medications, it is best to take moderately or avoid any form of alcoholic beverages because it interferes with those medications. For example, if you are taking alcohol and at the same time using insulin or sulphonylureas, there is a greater tendency of developing a hypo.

You are, therefore, advised to follow the simple guidelines:

  1. Do not drink as if someone is pursuing you; drink alcohol slowly. If possible, sip it.

  2. Avoid sugary or mixed drinks, cocktails, and sweet wines.

  3. And most importantly, see your family doctor for the appropriate amount of alcohol to consume daily and weekly.

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