How to Control Anger: Top Tips to Help You Stay Calm

As humans, we don’t just get angry because we are not animals which cannot think. Anger is often used as a protective measure or reaction aimed at covering up our fears, hurts, or sadness. Being angry with others is no news today. Feelings of anger arise most times due to how we interpret and react to certain situations. While everyone has their own reason for getting angry, there are common reasons people hold for getting angry. Sometimes, people get angry because they have lost their patience, after having the incapability to control themselves. Others, too, get angry because they feel that their hard work is not appreciated or that they have been treated unjustly. We also get angry because we develop memories of traumatic events we can no longer control effectively. Others complain that they always have feelings of anger because they are hypervigilant. Another reason why we also get angry is because of our personal history or past experiences. But is it right to always get angry? What could it result to if we always get angry with others or even, with ourselves? If anger is addressed healthily, it is very good for our health. Anger also helps some individuals to become more rational. But if your anger is not expressed healthily or properly, it leads to so many problems you may later regret. Getting angry affects the brain, if you didn’t know this, please know it now. “But how does anger affect the brain?”  You may ask. When anger is not expressed healthily, it can lead to heart attack and stroke risk. Two years ago, in 2017, a family lost their father as a result of anger which led to cardiac arrest. This is one reason why people shouldn’t get angry unnecessarily. Self-reflected anger (anger directed at oneself) is discovered to have negative impacts on your health if not properly controlled — it can lead to several mental disorders.  These are some important reasons why we shouldn’t get angry unnecessarily. But, then, is it possible to control our anger? The answer is capital YES! How can we control our anger, even when it seems chronic? I will share with you all some important tips to help you control your anger best.
  1. Think Adequately Before Taking Action
    One of the best tips to remain calm under the heated pressure to get angry is thinking before acting. Most people always look behind the window and get angry easily. But thinking about the reasons why the person in question hurt you, why he spoke or did such a horrible thing will help you understand the right step to take before acting. By doing this, you will definitely be assured of taking the right action. And, it will help you ward off saying or doing things you will later regret.
  • Put Yourself In The Person’s Shoes
    Some people tend to understand possible reasons why others often step on their toes. This is because they never thought it wise to always shift the blame to others — which can result in the outburst of anger. Rather, they always put themselves in their shoes — thinking of the possible reasons they were hurt — instead of thinking of what to do in order to revenge. This has helped them to have a peaceful relationship with others wherever they are.
  • Take A Timeout
    This is another important factor that makes you more comfortable and easy-going in life. Taking a timeout to think carefully about the situation is one way to put yourself in their shoes. Taking a break off the situation can help you feel better prepared to handle the situation better without feeling irritated.
  • Act
    Some individuals are angry because of being victims of serial aggressors. If you have found yourself in this situation, one way to get the heat off your head is by taking a methodical step. Acting decisively will help in reducing your sense and increasing the peaceful atmosphere you once enjoyed.
  • Share Your Feelings With Someone You Trust
    Sharing how you feel about a situation will suffice. Do you have a trusted friend with whom you can share the way you feel about a particular situation, how you get angry whenever you see that person talking in a way that shows he is very insipid? It is imperative you share things with a trusted friend because this will help you know the right step to take, perhaps, the best steps you never thought of taking.
  • Silence Is The Best Answer
    It is best you stop talking when you are steamed because the possibility is that you are more likely to do more harm than good. Being silent at that moment is the best thing you could do to maintain calmness.
  • Pinpoint Possible Solutions To The Problem
    Instead of being angry, it is best you look for ways to improve the situation for good. It may be that your friend always does something you don’t like. Why don’t you look for ways to adjust to the situation, to suit it? A wave of chronic anger does not improve anything — this is what you ought to know.
If you keep all these tips in mind, you will have a peaceful relationship with others and will never regret living a life of harmony. They can also improve your overall health, helping you view things the right way instead of looking for ways to shift the blames to others.

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