How to Access @eComicbooks

@eComicbooks is Telegram’s number one comic channel. It’s unprecedented. One of a kind…

Ahem! Sorry I was carried away by my feelings for @eComicbooks. But don’t blame me…the channel is just too good.

Alright let’s talk business. What was your question again…oh! Yeah I remember. How to access @eComicbooks. Okay…

First, launch your Play Store or App Store if you’re an Apple user (but in this tutorial I’m going to use Play Store) and using the search button, type “Telegram”. And a suggestion list will appear like this



Tap on the blue app icon with “Telegram” written in front of it (for that’s the official app) and install.



After installing, open it and this is what you’ll see



That means you’re about to register an account with Telegram. Tap on the vivid button and proceed to the registration section. It’s a familiar and simple process. I don’t need to explain it further.



After you are done registering, you’ll notice an empty chat list. You can add friends later but that’s not where I’m going. Now you really want to tap on the search button by the top right conner as depicted in the picture bellow.



Then type “@eComicbooks”. There you go! Your comic channel appearing on Global search. What are you waiting? Enter it!



After that, a preview mode of the channel will open. This is not when you want to start scanning for comics but the time for you to hit that “JOIN” button.



Then you’re ready to scan for your desired comic by scrolling. And suppose you found one…let’s say you’re interested in reading “I Am Groot”, you will have to tap on the transparent button with the text “Read “.



The a pop up message will appear asking you if you want to join another channel. Of course you will tap “OK” because that’s the channel that actually contains the books you’re looking for. The same protocol is applied to the rest of the titles presented in the channel (i.e in eComicbooks channel). But I’m only using “I Am Groot” as a sample. So it’s like…every title for it’s own separate channel with books. I suppose you understand? Thus eComicbooks web-channel is just like a centre for all channels with comic books. Furthermore, after tapping “OK”, you’ll be taken to “I Am Groot” channel.



Furthermore, after tapping “OK”, you’ll be taken to “I Am Groot” channel where you can download the electronic books.



By tapping on the white arrow in a blue circle, your download has started.


NOTE: If you want to make a request, go to channel info and tap on the group link to join eComicForum.


Link to download Telegram from Play store:


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