How Adding Color to Your House Can Make You Happy

Color could be termed as an element of visual language. In our world, color plays an important role — ranging from improving meaning, for identity, to symbolism. Color, according to color scientists, can improve the way we think, add to our communication skill, convey ideas with meaningful symbols, change actions, raise the blood pressure. When properly used, color can save our energy consumption. But does just adding colors to our house add to our happiness? Science has confirmed this to be true — that adding colors to your house can truly bring you happiness. There are certain colors, though, which are designed to do this job best. We will take a closer examination of those colors and how they add to our happiness. And be on the lookout for your favorite color, if it will be on the list of colors that add to the happiness of humans.
  1. Color Red
    There we are! But it doesn’t mean red is the best on the list. However, red is one of those colors on the wheel that add to your happiness. Red, as a warm color, can stimulate mood and passion. It is one of those colors which increase appetite. Use this color for your kitchen and/or dining room and add to your happiness. It raises the energy level of the room and a good option when you want to stir up excitement, particularly at night.
  • Color Yellow
    Yellow is said to be the brightest color in the spectrum
    color and the most noticeable of all colors. Fantastic color for your kitchen, dining room is color yellow. Although yellow is known to be a bright and cheery color which stands for freshness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, and enlightenment, studies have shown that it also increases the anger of people easily when they catch sight of it.
  • Color Blue
True, colors affect our mental and physical wellbeing. The color blue has great health benefits. Psychologically speaking, blue instills serenity, calmness, trust, loyalty, stability, and tranquility. It helps to reduce anxiety, aggression, heartbeat, and high blood pressure. You can use this color to paint the sitting room, dining room, as well as your bedroom.
  • Color Green
    Green is most associated with nature as it’s found in fruits and veggies. It is a psychological belief that the color is great at restoring balance, harmony, and security. Researchers have confirmed that the color can help improve reading ability, lower the levels of anxiety, and has positive effects on heart health. Thinking of the color to use in painting your bedroom? Green is one of the best colors used for bedrooms because, according to new research, it is a vital key to keeping your body clock in order.
  • Color Purple
    A combination of blue and red colors gives you the color purple. It symbolizes stability, luxury, loyalty, power, nobility, ambition, creativity, wisdom, grandeur, peace, and wealth — in addition to happiness. Purple has a naturally calming vibe, and so can be used in the bedroom.
  • Color Orange
    The combination of the energy of red and the happiness of yellow gives you the orange color. Orange fits so many parts in the house, be it your kitchen, bedroom, and dining room. So it is one of the much sought-after colors in the markets these days.
  •  Color White
    One of the best colors we deemed fit to add to our list is the color white. For years, this color has been regarded as one of the best since it symbolizes holiness, innocence, and purity. It has an equal balance of all the spectrum colors. You may ask why your dad used the color to paint the ceilings. White paint is used in ceilings because it makes them look brighter and higher than they really are, and more airy and open.

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