Here’s How to Emotionally Deal with Terminal Cancer

What will be your next reaction if somebody behind you says they have cancer? Of course, your next reaction is how the person in question got the disease and if he’s going to survive. So many people, especially women, are suffering from cancer—the most common being cancer of the breast. While promising technology and science advances are coming up to absolutely terminate cancers, there are cancers that can’t be cured and can lead to death within a short period of time which is very unpredictable. These cancers are, in fact, deadly than stroke. When it gets to a stage where a person’s cancer can’t be cured thus, sending them to the land of no return, we say the person has terminal cancer. Any type of cancer can be terminal. So whether you have pancreatic, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, leukemia, prostate, or ovarian cancer, it can be termed a ‘terminal cancer’ if it has no cure. Cancer causes cells to divide without control. It also has the capacity to prevent them from dying at the natural point in their life cycle. Cancer has the capacity to spread elsewhere in the body—which makes it difficult to cure because cancer cells may have spread but too small to not be seen on scans. However, you can actually manage your cancer emotionally even if it’s terminal. Here are ways you can help do that well.
  1. Fear
    One of the major feelings people with terminal cancer have is fear. They don’t know when they will die, whether sooner or later. Since the disease is terminal, the probability of knowing when death will come is very slim. But this feeling can be dealt with successfully even if you don’t know when death will come. Knowing exactly what you are afraid of can help you cope with the situation better. For example, some people are afraid of being alone, they feel they will be neglected. But it’s advisable you talk to your family and dear friends. They understand more than you think they do.
  • Anger
    The motto of humanity is “I would rather suffer than die.” It is true that nobody wants to die and hearing that they have just a short period of time to live and enjoy the rest of their life can be very embarrassing to patients with terminal cancer. This may lead to anger. It’s good to express your feeling but doesn’t feel so angry at those who are very close to you, thinking they played a part in your disease. Instead of directing your anger to your loved ones, try as much as possible to channel your anger to problem-solving, use it as fuel to help get your needs met and do positive things.
  • Regret and Guilt
    You feel regret that you didn’t take the right step, so the cancer was caused because of the wrong step you took. You feel guilty that you will be leaving your family without having someone to care for them adequately as you do. This feeling is also normal. However, spend the last days you have with your family and don’t feel regret or guilt because these are things you don’t have the power to control again.
  • Seeking Meaning
    This is another thought those with terminal cancer have. They begin to seek the purpose of their being on the earth in the first place especially if they are very young. Yes, this feeling is expected to take root in the mind of the individual. Nevertheless, it is best you look for something that is important to you and you have cherished for so long. Also, take out time to share your experiences, thoughts, and wisdom with your family and friends. These things you share with them will, no doubt, have a lasting impression on them.
  • Anxiety and Depression
    Those with terminal cancer will always feel anxious over their situation. Depression goes more than just feeling sad. You will also notice the patient feeling hopeless, useless, and having no joy in any activities. Yes, it is true that anxiety and depression are expected but if they get severe, the patient has to be treated with medicine or counseling. Seeing a counselor or a health care provider is imperative.

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