Here Are The Healthiest Sweeteners On The Market

Sweeteners are sugar substitutes that provide an individual with a sweet taste like that of sugar but are known as zero-calories.

While there are so many sweeteners in the market—which can quickly kill the cells of individuals without knowing it—there are also several healthiest sweeteners you can count on. But before discussing this issue of the best or healthiest sweeteners to count on in the market, let’s understand why people vent into the use of sweeteners in the first place if you aren’t really satisfied with the reason given above.

For some, sweeteners are good since they do not cause cavities but can help them in their weight loss plan. In fact, food manufacturers go as far as hailing these food additives that they are very essential in helping humans control their blood sugar levels and their calorie intake.

Sweeteners Considered the Healthiest

As earlier stated, not all sweeteners are good for consumption even though manufacturers will say the opposite. There are some considered the healthiest for you if truly you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What are these sweeteners?

    Origin and Composition: Stevia is from the ragweed family, which has been hailed by the South Americans for thousands of years. It is a sweetener and one of the best sugar substitutes extracted from the leaves of the plant species known as Stevia rebaudiana.
    As a zero-calorie sweetener, stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar.
    Health Benefits: Research has shown that stevia helps lower high blood pressure in people with hypertension. And it has no effect on people whose blood pressure is normal or placidly elevated.
    Individuals with diabetes have been helped with this sweetener as it helps lower their blood sugar level.
    Also, it helps reduce oxidative stress and control the development of cancer.



    Origin and Composition: Another healthiest sweetener you should go for is the one mentioned above. Why? Blackstrap molasses is considered one of the best sweeteners because it contains vitamin B6, selenium, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The sweetener comes from sugar cane through the process of refining the extracted juice.
    Health Benefits: Because the sweetener contains both calcium and magnesium, it helps in the development of stronger bone. This, in turn, helps you fight against osteoporosis.
    Anemia, a disease that’s very devastating to individuals because they lack enough red blood cells in the body, is traced to inadequate availability of iron. One way you can help correct or treat this problem is the intake of enough blackstrap molasses.



    Origin and Composition: Monk fruit is a small melon-like fruit from the plant family, Cucurbita, which is very native to Southeast Asia. The sweetness in the fruit extract is derived from a class of compounds called the mogrosides. According to research, there are five different types of mogrosides and are classified as mogrosides I-V.
    Health Benefits: One of the benefits of consuming monk fruit is that it helps protect pancreatic insulin-releasing cells from oxidative stress.
    Monk fruit is another excellent option for anyone who wishes to lose weight because it contains no calories, carbs, or fat—weight gain agents.



    Origin and Composition:
    A sweetener extracted from the tuberous root of the yacon plant. This plant is indigenous to the Andes mountains, which runs along South America western region. People in different countries have used this sweetening agent for different purposes. It is used in Brazil to make yacon tea, which is said to be anti-diabetic. The Peruanas use it because of its few calories and low sugar levels. Yacon syrup is composed of fructooligosaccharides (FOS) by 50%.
    Health Benefits: One recent study found that yacon syrup causes a significant weight loss.
    Because it contains a high content of FOS, yacon syrup helps reduce symptoms associated with constipation.
    It also helps to reduce insulin resistance.

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