Heavily Smoking Marijuana Can Induce A Strange Condition That Has An Even Weirder Remedy

Just as the number of smoking marijuana continues to grow so also do the different reports for a possibly strange condition that can only suffice by taking hot showers.

Symptoms associated with this condition may include vomiting, cyclic bouts of nausea as well as severe abdominal pain.

As suggested, the only relief from it is by taking a hot bath or shower, which helps to soothe the condition for a short period of time before it returns only after a long period of time.

The condition, as suggested, by medical experts, is said to arise more frequent by heavy marijuana smokers. Thus, they are discouraging who smoke this cannabis too much to reduce its intake as the individual is prone to early or premature death.

The study which was published in Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology was completely based on 155 heavy marijuana smokers and 33 percent experienced Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS), a condition caused by heavy long-time cannabis intake characterized by nausea and the other aforementioned symptoms.

According to The New York Times, doctors are working harder treating patients suffering from CHS.

Although it is quite prevalent in the US, we do not really know much about this as researchers are worker harder to find its condition.

A doctor during an interview with Live Science says he thinks that the over-stimulation of the pain could be having a negative and that the hot bath or shower is just a way of befuddling the brain from by creating a totally different sensory signal, thus relieving the pain.

Doctors are still addled that some people are affected by this condition while some are not- they have not fully comprehended this condition.

But, it is absolutely that the only, yes the only way, to prevent nausea and stomach cramps (if you are not a CHS) is to stop smoking.

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