Alcohol Causes Bad Breath – Researchers Claim

Since the health of people is very paramount to medical researchers, they are always issuing warnings against the wrong path of life, with bad breath being one of the... Read more »

Man Lost 19kgs in 3 Months without Following A Diet

We all know it isn’t so easy to strictly follow a diet and lose weight very quickly- as doing so very quickly is absolutely impossible. Most times, we can’t... Read more »

Taking Your Bath Frequently Is Dangerous To Your Health

Showers are not really to be excessive as they are capable of reducing the skin hydration, thus making it dry and cracked- experts issued a warning. They said that... Read more »

Man with Three Faces is Recipient of World’s First Successful Transplant

The first man in the world to have received two face transport, Jerome Hamon, underwent his first face transplant surgery in 2010, in Paris so that he could get... Read more »

Immunotherapy Is the Biggest Cancer Killer in the World

Reports from doctors on Monday suggest that immune therapy drugs are capable of transforming lung cancer, thus able to provide patients with years of extra lifespan. In their findings,... Read more »

207 Million Eggs Recalled Over Salmonella Fears

207 millions of eggs were reported to be contaminated with salmonella. This great number of eggs was recalled by a farm in Indiana and it was reported to have... Read more »

The Super-Hot Pepper That Landed a Man in ER

It is said that nothing is easy in life. This is especially seen in the field of medicine where doctors work all day to make sure that the health... Read more »
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