Health benefits of cuddling

Health benefits of cuddling-nitalks

There are so many ways to express and show our love and affection for our mates; for some, their PDA (public display of affection) is cuddling and as simple as cuddling may sound, there are many things you gain health wise when you cuddle.

As ludicrous as it may seem, cuddles make you feel good, this is because cuddling releases oxytocin, a hormone that can increase happiness. Do you think you need happiness in your life and relationship? Then see the power of the cuddle and enjoy maximum happiness in your relationship.

Another powerful benefit of cuddles is that it gets one closer to their partners in every physical sense of the word “closer”; cuddling leads to sex, but besides having a fun time, there is also a release of chemicals. There is the release of dopamine, a chemical reputed for increasing sexual desires. To crown it all, studies have shown that sex is healthy for mental strength.Health benefits of cuddling-nitalks

Cuddles can help us manage stress and blood pressure. Research has shown that hugs, kisses and other acts of intimacy go a long way in helping us manage stress and blood pressure. Imagine how easily you can prevent heart diseases and anxiety by cuddling. The next time you want to cuddle your spouse and he or she refuses, just remind them of the health benefit of cuddling and watch them running to you as if their life depends on it.

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