What Happens After Cheating In A Relationship

What Happens After Cheating Occurs In A Relationship

Have you or your partner ever thought of cheating before? You are not alone because research has shown that infidelity rate is as high as 60 -70 percent nowadays. Cheating is not just a man’s thing; we must realize that women also cheat.

However the reasons for cheating differ for men and for women. Men predominantly cheat because they are sexually deprived while women cheat because they are emotionally deprived, although the stated reasons could be interchanged.

Nevertheless, we must realize that no matter what reason we have for cheating, it definitely would have serious impact on our relationship in the long run. Here is what changes after cheating occurs:

Trust becomes difficult

Anyone who has at one time in their life experienced the sour taste of infidelity will definitely tell you that trusting their partner is a big source of concern for them. They can’t seem to get the image of a cheating partner off their mind. With infidelity comes lies and more lies to cover up cans of worms; this makes trust in the affected relationship extremely difficult.

One’s confidence plummets

One other cardinal reason people cheat in relationships is partly because people feel unloved, sex starved or emotionally neglected. As such cheating provides them with that emotional and sexual appreciation they hitherto would not get from their relationship. However what this does to the person who is cheated on is that their confidence plummets, their self esteem derails, they begin to feel they are unattractive,  not smart enough  and not fun to be around with.What Happens After Cheating Occurs In A Relationship

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