Health benefits of cuddling

There are so many ways to express and show our love and affection for our mates; for some, their PDA (public display of affection) is cuddling and as simple... Read more »

How to handle long distance relationships

Very few people can handle the rigors of long distance relationships. How one guy handles his long distant relationship is different from the way another handles his. Read more »

Types of girls you’ll see at a Lagos party

Every night you see people party hard in clubs, chilling after the day’s work or just hanging out with their friends cradling a drink. Read more »


One common desire of every man is to get that perfect body shape, those immaculate body abs and six pack that will bring girls crawling down your door step. Read more »

4 Types of Guys You See At A Lagos Party

A typical Lagos party is like a jungle: characterized by blaring music from sound system, crowded dance floor of fun seekers eagerly doing their thing. Read more »

What every guy needs to build a happy relationship

We all have this dream of a happy relationship, one with no sad tale, where there is happiness and more happiness. Just as people learn the secrets of success... Read more »

3 Ways to Get A Girlfriend

Being single can sometimes get frustrating for a lot of guys out there, what a lot of guys really do not understand is that the dating game is really... Read more »
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