3 Rules of Easy Breakups

Nobody ever wants breakups, but then you have to expect it so you can stay strong even after breaking up. Read more »

3 Women Guys Should Never Hit On

Guys are always on the lookout for their next prey and when they spot one, they go all out like a pack of hyena to devour their prey. However,... Read more »

4 Behaviors Ladies Put Up To A Man They Don’t Like

It’s common knowledge that ladies have their preferences and class of men they get easily attracted to. A man who falls short of their so-called expectations is looked down... Read more »

Cheap first date ideas

Planning a first date can be very hectic, time-consuming and money-sapping. For a guy who has been on over 150 dates, I can say one or two about planning... Read more »

3 things you must not talk about on the first date

A lot of guys out there always goof on their first date; the reason is not far-fetched, though. There is always this pressure to be open, funny, witty and... Read more »

Why women don’t date good guys

The women ultimate desire is to have a boyfriend who is smart, sensitive and emotionally caring. Yet very few women will settle for nice guys, their dating preference is... Read more »

4 cute ways to flirt without saying a word

It is no longer a secret that you can flirt and seduce a woman long before even saying hello to her. Many might wonder how, It’s all about understanding... Read more »
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