Guys Every Lady Should Avoid

Guys Every Lady Should Avoid

There are lots of good guys out there; however, looks can be deceiving, trust me, you never want to end up in that kind of relationships you dread.

Guys can get really creepy, so beware of those to whom you ever want to give your heart, time and attention. All ladies should stay off a guy who sneaks his hand every now and then around you, I call them the “sneaky hands”.

This category of guys are never serious, never making a decent conversation, all they want to do is get laid on the first date. For all you know, he might be a sex offender, reasonable guys ask for your permission before they touch you.

Secondly, stay off those I call the ‘boasters’, those who pile up accolades for themselves, this type often remind you of how you love their smile, how you tend not to resist him like other girls do, how you fell for his good looks and smiles. Everything single thing around their world revolves around them and their achievements. If you are searching for such a relationship, by all means, go ahead, if not make that Olympic sprint out of such prospects.

Guys Every Lady Should Avoid

One other type of guy you should stay away from is what I call the evader, these sorts make great friends, however, the minute you assign him a responsibility he does everything possible to avoid it, chances are you will be the one putting in all the emotional and physical efforts to ensure the relationship succeeds, avoid this category like cancer.


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