How would you feel if you are told you have breast cancer? It’s natural for you to wonder what may have caused the disease. While the exact cause of the disease is not really clear, there are certain factors known to cause it, such as genetic and alcohol intake. In fact, doctors have estimated that about 5 to 10 percent of breast cancers are adduced to gene mutations passed through generations.

As mentioned earlier, there are risk factors which contribute to the development of breast cancer. Apart from the ones mentioned above, other risk factors are:
1. You are a woman: Yes, women are more prone to develop breast cancer than men.

  1. Age: No doubt, your risk of cancer increases as you age.
  2. Obesity: This is another risk factor of the disease.
  3. Your History of Breast Cancer: If you have had breast cancer in one of your breasts, there is an absolute tendency of developing the disease in the second breast.

Having seen some of the risk factors of breast cancer, there are apps that can help you tract your wellbeing. Because of the ease science has placed on humans, the world of breast cancer is divided into before and after diagnosis. These simple and qualitative apps will help you perform a breast self-examination, organize some meds and give you all the latest news you need to know on breast cancer.


  1. CareZone
    Carezone is one of the best apps to help you on your journey. With CareZone, the label of the medication is directly scanned. One good thing about the app is that it automatically adds the name, dosage, and other details into your list of medication. When you set up the app, you get reminded on when to take your pills.


  1. Pills on the Go
    This is another great app that you on track without having to miss your pills. With this app, you get instructions on how to take your medications, such as with food and water. Like other apps, Pills on the Go helps you take your medications on time, every time.


  1. Cancer Therapy Advisor
    Do you really want to get access to the information oncology professionals use? Then, this is just one of the free, simple to use, medical apps for you. It offers you the latest in oncology news and provides you with cancer treatment regimens, case study, and drug information for different types of cancer and therapeutic areas.


  1. Check Yourself!
    According to the developers, early detection is the key and knowing what is “normal” for your body is an integral part of that. When you check yourself monthly, it gives you the biggest opportunity to detect the abnormalities at the first sign of stage. This app is designed to support women all over the globe by putting lifesaving information on the palms of their hands. With this simple and yet qualitative app, you will be able to perform a breast self-exam, get monthly reminders, and be provided with notifications on how to lower your risk of breast cancer.


  1. My Cancer Coach
    How do you feel when you notice that you are able to cope with your problem just with an app? This is one thing that the app has been able to provide, and many other important aspects you need to know to help you manage your health. The app provides information about breast, prostate, and colon cancer treatment options to help you manage your cancer care. Also, it is true that not all cancer terms patients are familiar with. Having this in mind, the developers went as far as providing an A-Z Glossary which helps patients understand common cancer terms.

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