Why You Should Never Date a Friend’s Ex

Every lady has a picture of her dream man, you expect him to be hot, sexy, tall and charming, and sometime, you wouldn’t even mind if it’s your friend’s... Read more »

3 Signs That Show He Doesn’t Love You

Some ladies are not always sure how deeply their man loves them; they are often scared of him being with another lady, specially when he doesn’t put a call... Read more »

Guys Every Lady Should Avoid

There are lots of good guys out there; however, looks can be deceiving, trust me, you never want to end up in that kind of relationships you dread. Guys... Read more »

Why Pretty Ladies Are Still Single

Many women today claim to be good single women. The funny reality is, only a few of them truly fit this description of what a man truly desires and... Read more »


Many young ladies and women today are victims of menstrual cramps, or what medical practitioners call dysmenorrheal. For some women, these cramps could be quite debilitating and excruciating, while... Read more »

10 Things You Must Never Do On A Date

Have you ever gone on a date and it turned out so bad you just have to wonder ”what went wrong”. Or it got so awkward you had to... Read more »


It seems like many ladies are returning to natural hair. Note that I used returning because that’s where we all started from. I do not think that it is... Read more »
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