4 Types of Guys You See At A Lagos Party

A typical Lagos party is like a jungle: characterized by blaring music from sound system, crowded dance floor of fun seekers eagerly doing their thing. Asides from the already fun heated environment, you will definitely find these four kinds of guys in a Lagos party, from Island to Mainland, from Elegushi to Kuramo, and from clubs to bars.

  1. The Flirt

These kinds of guys can be easily spotted by their methods of seduction, they always have their pick-up line with them, from throwing complements to offering to buy drinks for women. Their antics and creativity are unimaginable. They often move from one woman to the other until their desires are satisfied, they never give up.

  1. The Dancer

This one’s never misses a party; they are the life of the party. They are never at a party to hook up or get the love of their life. Their natural habitat is the center of the dance floor; these guys will spend the entire night partying and bursting their moves just to impress.

4 Types of Guys You See At A Lagos Party

  1. The Boyfriend

These ones are at every party; they spend the entire night around their girlfriends. They are great guys, and if you are not the one dating him, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to know him better because his girlfriend never leaves his side—she sticks around like glue.

  1. The beer gang

You find these ones at every party, they are always on a record-breaking mission and they have no business with dancing or hooking up, for these ones liquor is their pride. You will always see them seated at the rear or outside; wherever you see them, you will always see bottles of just-murdered drinks on the ground.

So, which of these categories do you fall in? For girls, which of these categories does your man fall in?

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