Four skills every badass single girl needs to have

Four skills every badass single girl needs to have

The world is fast growing at an alarming pace, and those who cannot cope with this speed will be left behind as many things have changed over the last century; therefore, to make life easier for you, I have written some skills every badass single girl out there should have.

  1. Learn to Cook

You need to remember this saying: “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Master the art of cooking like you master your own body and you will be able to command his attention like you want to. The difference between you and some mistress out there could just be your awesome cooking skill, use it to your favor girl.

  1. Invest Money Wisely

Dear single girl, this is not only a man’s skill, you will need to learn how to invest all the money you are making wisely, there is nothing as sexy as a woman who can manage her beauty and her money; the likes of Genevieve, Kim Kardashian etc. are women who have mastered the art of investing wisely.

Four skills every badass single girl needs to have

  1. Negotiate

I know this sound like a male thing, but it is a skill all girls need. Never hesitate to bargain for a lower price on anything you intend to buy, be it a house, a car or salary, always opt for a bargain that will favor you.

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