Foods That Speed up Your Body’s Aging Process

Aging is the physiological changes that take place in the body of humans which lead to the decline of the biological functions and the inability to adapt to metabolic stress we come across in our daily life. As humans get older, the skin wrinkles because at that time, it becomes thinner and less elastic than it was. In addition, as we get older, the brain’s aging process begins and we begin to lose neurons—the important cells that make up the brain and the nervous system.
It is, therefore, very of the essence to take good care of the body in order to remain young, shining, and avoid aging quickly. Consequently, I will share with you some important fact to keep in mind when choosing the kind of food you eat. There are some foods you think are very good for your health but in reality, are very dangerous. Here are some of the foods you ought to avoid because they speed up the body’s aging process.

  1. Red Meat
    I understand this could be a very hard truth to swallow because most of us can’t do without eating red meat every day. But the truth of the matter still remains: red meat is very dangerous to your health because they are very inflammatory in nature. Research has now unleashed an important fact that the high levels of serum phosphate in the body, which is caused by the consumption of red meat, speeds up the aging process.
  2. Food Fries
    We love those fried potatoes, meats, and plantains. Regular consumption of fried foods can speed up your aging process. How? Fried foods all contain trans fat, agents that pose a debilitating danger on our health. If you regularly consume fried foods, your chances of getting older than your normal age are very high.
  3. Artificial Sweeteners
    You might have vented for artificial sweeteners because you thought they are okay for you since they contain zero calories. However, artificial sweeteners are as bad as food fries.
  4. Sugar
    It is unarguable that virtually everybody loves sugar, especially the young ones. Nevertheless, our love for sugar should diminish because excess processed sugar dehydrates the skin and fast track the aging process. How did we know? The skin contains elastin and collagen molecules, the structure of the skin which helps maintain both elasticity and firmness. So if our diets are high in sugar, they damage the elastin and collagen molecules, causing wrinkles and sagging.
  5. Avoid Rice Cakes
    Rice cakes are healthy-looking snacks and may be very satisfying but are not advisable since they contain a high glycemic index, causing blood sugar level to spike. And increase in blood sugar level cause wrinkles—accelerating the aging process.
  6. Milk
    Milk is very good for the bones. But by the same token, it does support the aging process faster as it does the bones. Although being a good source of vitamin D and calcium, it contains casein. Casein triggers inflammation—responsible for age-related problems.
  7. Alcohol
    The ultimate dehydration, alcohol destroys humans quickly because it robs us of vitamins A and C and B vitamins. Therefore, be careful with your intake of alcohol if you want to retard the aging process.

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