5 things people detest about Lagos Nigeria

Five (5) things people detest about Lagos Nigeria

If you have ever been to Lagos, no doubt, you will also have had your share of concerns and issues. We interviewed many people, and we are bringing you a list of five things many of these people really hate about the most populated city in Africa, Lagos.

Area boys

The ubiquitous street urchins can make life difficult in Lagos when they unleash mayhem and confusion. These acts include the sexual harassment of ladies, engaging in gang-related street brawls and other unwholesome criminal activities.

The high Cost of living

Living in Lagos can burrow deep into one’s pockets. The cost of goods and services is higher than anywhere else in the country, on a comparative basis.

Cost of transportation

Transportation within Lagos is expensive and often chaotic. The operators (both private and public) can, at a moment’s notice, decide to increase transportation fares, thereby complicating the lives of Lagosians.Five (5) things people detest about Lagos Nigeria

Exorbitant rent costs

Tenancy costs in this city ranks among the highest in the world. The housing problem is further compounded by the daily influx of many people from other parts of Nigeria. A negative side effect can be seen in the proliferation of slums in the city.


The Lagos life is a combination of intense hustle, bustle, and copious stress. The daily routine of many Lagosians ranges from short nights, very early risings and countless hours spent in traffic, moving from one point to another.

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