Fashion Tips for Larger Men and Women


Most fashion tips provided in fashion magazines are mostly done with the skinny people in mind. They provide tips assuming that all the men and women are skinny. But it is necessary to have some fashion tips for the larger men and women. Here we will be providing some fashion tips for larger men and women. Let’s take a look at them:

If you are someone having big round belly, you should avoid wearing a belt. If you wear a belt, it will make your belly spill over making you look ugly. So, the belt will not work for you because of the shape of your tummy. Avoid wearing suspenders because it will make you look older.

You should try to purchase the shirts with a broad collar because the broad collar will match with your broadness. The collar spreads vary significantly from brand to brand. So, it is better to choose the brand that goes with your body. Such collar will also provide you room wear classy tie knots.

Try to wear a hat because hats adjust with any outfit. If you can select a hat matching with your blazer or suit, it will surely enhance your look. Many of the Hollywood actors and actresses choose hat among their favorite outfits in a survey.

You should avoid tuck in your shirt because it will make you look somewhat slimmer. It will make your belly look flat. For large men, it is better to wear tailor made shirts.

For larger women, it’s always good to wear dresses that will cover most part of the body, you wouldn’t want to look horrible having your flesh spill out of your dress.

Also, try to always put on cloths that will be fitting, not too tight and not too loose, and you would really enjoy the looks and attention you get.


So, follow the above tips and make your look more stylish.

By Nazmul Hassan

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