Drug-Free Ways to Ease Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects everybody. This type of pain is different from acute pain because it lasts longer than acute pain. Some chronic pains, though, are known to last for more than two months or even longer. This type of pain needs the intervention of a trained medical professional. Easing chronic pain is very simple without using drugs to combat them. There are different ways, natural ways to combat these pains in the body. Let’s now discuss some of the recommended ways to ease chronic pains without the use of drugs.
  1. Keeping a Diary of your Pain Episodes
    Keeping a diary of your pain episodes, what causes it and corrective factors surrounding them is one way to help you. Then you ought to review your diary to explore possible avenues for a great change.
  • Having a Good Night Sleep
    Research has shown how powerful sleep is to our health — it helps our wellbeing. It is no surprise that getting a good night sleep is one of the best ways to alleviate our pains. It is, therefore, advisable to have at least, eight hours of sleep every single night before the next day.
  • Acupuncture
    One of the oldest proven methods of alleviating chronic pain is the one mentioned above. This list won’t be complete if acupuncture is excluded. The use of acupuncture helps in the release of endorphins, chemicals in the body which help to block the pains we experience. Acupuncture is the use of thin needles inserted into the body. Several acupuncture points are closer to the nerves. When the nerves are stimulated, they cause a feeling of fullness in the muscle. During this process, natural pain-relieving opioids are released, sending signals to the sympathetic nervous system. When this takes place, hormones and neurochemicals are released to help alleviate the pains.
  • Taking Enough Vitamin D
    Vitamin D is as important as taking your drugs. It is thought to be one of the best ways to combat pains. Ensure you get vitamin D either by eating food that contains enough of the vitamin, from the sun, or taking some of its supplements. Chronic headache is adduced to the lack of vitamin D in the body. Many people have attested that moderate intake of the vitamin helps with joint pain, especially when it is caused by inflammation. It is well known that pains come with depression and anxiety. So intake of the vitamin is believed to help improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Herbs
    Back pain is thought to be caused by inflammation, certain herbs work perfectly the way drugs would help alleviate or manage your chronic pain. Feverfew, for example, is used medicinally to help with migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, and infertility. Other proven herbs are white willow, the devil’s claw, turmeric, and ginger. But going by your doctor’s prescription on their uses. However, in the absence of your family doctor, prepare the herb moderately.
  • Psychological Approach to Treat Your Chronic Pain
    It is a known fact that lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, and other factors will not help but aggravate our pains. When this happens, your work will be interfered with. An effort to alleviate our pain alongside the stress and anxiety may seem futile. But psychological treatment has been proven to directly reduce high levels of psychological stress which interferes with our pains.
  • Go For a Massage
    Another effective way to help manage your pain is by getting a massage. Research says that it is very effective in relieving chronic inflammation in muscles and very beneficial if you are experiencing long-term aches and back pain. According to a study conducted, a massage works the way as acupuncture and acupressure.
You Probably Need to Hug Somebody
When you firmly hug someone, pressure receptors in the body are stimulated, thus helping to reduce the stress hormones that trigger pain and anxiety. There is a greater need to lower these stress hormones because they increase your risk of getting sick or having flare up of arthritis.

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